For years swimmers and coaches have been guessing at the best and safest ways to swim faster. We've copied techniques without fully understanding them, made claims without any evidence and even invented beneficial drills and equipment. That approach to the sport is no longer tenable. The sport of swimming is not a guessing game. It is time to an evidence-based approach to competitive swimming.

The research shows that swimmers who train at higher intensities during practice have significantly greater improvements during races than swimmers training at slower speeds. Also, swimmers training at racing speeds are better equipped to handle the demands of racing. In response to these findings USRPT is a program designed to incorporate the maximum amount of race-pace swimming during practice.

Race-pace training has been proven to be the most effective training method and the only way to train consistently at high speeds is to by using ultra-short intervals. Ultra-short intervals means you can say goodbye to lactate buildup, excessive fatigue and long recoveries. Ultra-short intervals has had significant success in other sports as well.

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