USRPT In Kansas


  • Location – Lawrence, Kansas
  • ContactWebsite
  • Description (taken from website) – Indie Swimming’s programs are evidence-based which leads to effective outcomes for swimmers. Evidence is restricted to scientific principles and the most recent scientific findings about human performance and its associated disciplines.We are continually updated on advances in human movement, particularly with relevance to swimming by Dr. Brent Rushall. Consequently, our coaching sessions provide access to extensive objective documentation of why content is provided. Since much swimming “knowledge” is belief-based, many common coaching procedures and directives are not embraced by or included in the offerings of Indie Swimming.

Mills Farm Mustangs

  • Location – Overland Park, Kansas
  • Contact –
  • Description – Developing athletes ages 5-18.

Topeka West High School

  • Location – Topeka, KS
  • Contact –
  • Description – Our team consist of a broad range of swimming abilities of high school athletes. We have club and non-club swimmers that swim for us.

Wood Valley Swim Team

  • Location – Topeka, KS
  • Contact –
  • Description – We are a summer league swim team that is made up of 5 – 18 year olds. Our swimmers come from varying backgrounds. From first time out to advanced year round club swimmers seeking a different experience.

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