USRPT in Nebraska

Heartland Aquatics

  • Location – Lincoln, NE
  • Contact –
  • Description – Our team is on the developmental/less experienced side. A changing of culture is currently going on along with the implementation of this style of training into aspects of all groups (some groups are hybrids, because of stroke ability & newness to the sport).The groups that current utilize USRPT consistently are our upper level Age Groupers and part of our senior program. These two are based on attendance and practice attitude/focus/etc., not necessarily speed.
    Because we have a two week break and I get kids coming off winter HS teams after that break, we have to run a acclimation period at the beginning of the spring season. Aside from that, it is 95% USRPT (50 events are the lone gray area, though we do not use equipment to train those events). I have one masters swimmer and after 13 months of straight USRPT he swam at 47 faster than he did a 44 @ 2014 Spring Sectionals.

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