Swim Quiz Answer Key

Congrats on finishing the quiz! Now it’s time to see how smart you really are.

Question 1

Q: What does USRPT Stand for?
A: Ultra-Short Race-Pace Training

Question 2

Q: Lactic acid is responsible for:
A: None of the above.

Lactic acid does not exist as an acid in the body but in another form called “lactate”,
which actually is measured in the blood when “lactic acid concentration” is determined. This
distinction is important for the sake of correctness, and more importantly, because lactate and lactic
acid would have different physiological effects (Time-to-Run, no date). Therefore, any individual
talking about lactic acid pooling or accumulating in muscles is wrong. — The Future of Swimming: “Myths and Science”

Question 3

Q: You race faster when you warm up ___ minutes before a race.
A: 20 minutes

Swimmers have been found to compete faster when racing 20 minutes post-warm-up when compared to 45 minutes (West et al., 2012). These findings suggest that warming up closer to one’s race will lead to more desirable results. — Swimming Science Interview

Question 4

Q: Who coined the term USRPT?
A: Dr. Brent S. Rushall

Question 5

Q: There are two types of stretches, static stretches and…
A: Dynamic stretches

Question 6

Q: In backstroke, when is the best time to breathe?
A: As the hand exits the water


Breathing should be timed to coincide with the least effort level in the stroke. That is when the propulsive arm has completed its propulsive effectiveness and is emerging from the water. Swimmers should elect to breathe explosively, rhythmically, and consistently. — A Swimming Technique Macrocycle

Question 7

Q:Can you name one significant difference between double-leg kicking and butterfly kick?
A: butterfly kick is a counterbalancing action, DLKs are smaller, faster and don’t involve upper-body movement


Question 8

Q: Which principle states that sports training should be relevant and appropriate to the sport for which the individual is training in order to produce a training effect.
A: The Principle of Specificity

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