We Appreciate You!

We Appreciate You!

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thank you coaches

Wednesday morning I rolled out of my bed at 6:45am to have a chat with Dr. Rod Havriluk, founder of Swimming Technology Research. I remember asking myself why I chose the coldest morning since March to ride 30 minutes across the island on a rickety old motorcycle. Granted it was probably only mid 70s.

We met in a small cafe a stone’s throw from the beach and to no surprise it opened on island time (10 minutes late). We grabbed the most comfortable looking set of chairs and chatted for about an hour and a half about sonofication, USRPT, PhD programs, education systems, best swimming conferences, sports psychology and we even spoke about a special project I’m working on for those of you on this list, but more on that later.

We circled quite a few topics, but the main thrust of the conversation revolved around the future of the sport of swimming. Namely, where we are as a sport and what’s in the way of us getting where we need to be.

Dr. Havriluk highlighted quite a few pioneers that are making a difference and moving the sport forward like Doug Fonder over at ISCA, Dr. Joel Stager, Dr. Brent Rushall and a few others. The more contributions he highlighted the clearer it became that there are quite a few leaders out there that will probably never get the recognition they deserve.

I know it’s impossible to calculate the return on investment in the life of a child, but sometimes we get small rewards.

For example, I was coaching the only little girl who braved the rain to attend swim class on Friday and after working on butterfly for the entire session in the freezing pool (78º) she looked up at her mother and said, “Mum, I want to be a swim coach when I grow up!”

Time spent at morning practice: Not enough pay!

Time spent fixing goggles: No pay!

Time spent creating a love for the sport: Priceless!

I just wanted to officially stop complaining and take the time to write to all of you that make a difference. Thank you! I really mean that. Our sport could not survive without you.

If you know anyone that is out there making a difference leave their name in the comments below or email me their contact information and I’ll personally contact them to say thank you. If your’e not the type to leave a comment then at the very least, the next time you see them, give them a hug and just say thanks on behalf of the swimming community.

***I understand some individuals don’t like the spotlight, but a little appreciation never hurt anybody 🙂

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